Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dynamic Duo

Since they were born we have all been so fascinated by their interactions with each other. I remember seeing Ella and Drew on ultrasounds kicking and bumping each other through all of the sacks and fluid. Their interactions change almost every day. They have just started talking directly to each other. While eating Ella will attempt to give some food to Drew, sometimes he takes it, other times he says "no thank you, Ella" which sounds more like "nonodankyou, ella." When Ella says a new word for the first time she now turns to Drew to "teach" him how to say it. Today at the park Drew was ready to go and I told him we had to wait for Ella. He proceeded to run over to her, mumble something at her, then drag her by the hood to the stroller. They are so sweet to each other - it will melt your heart to hear them tell each other "I love you!" They also play peek-a-boo, tag, and catch. Ella says "Ready?" before she throws the ball to Drew. They also thoroughly enjoy identifying which one is Ella's and which is Drew's, this includes cups, seats, dolls, beads, cribs, shoes, books, the list is endless. Of course with all this cuteness comes some craziness, as the video demonstrates. Sometimes kisses turn into bites, hugs turn into pushes, and sharing turns into fighting...but hey, what are brothers/sisters for?

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