Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What you don't see

Sure we look like a happy little crew posing in front of a nicely decorated wall...but what you don't see tells the real story. What you don't see is the 6 ft tall Easter Bunny behind the display! My friend Jessica and I decided to take the kids to have a picture with the Easter Bunny. I dressed them in adorable matching spring outfits. We took the train to the mall, primped and combed and then approached the Bunny. All 3 kids spotted the furry guy from across the mall and immediately began screaming. Little Julia was shaking, Ella's cheeks were wet with tears, and Drew was clutching my neck for dear life! Suffice to say that we had our own photo session on the other side of the wall from the Easter Bunny. Oh well, maybe next year!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

There's Something About Ella...

It started months ago with her big cousin Sidney and caught our attention, but lately it is something of a phenomena. Ella is a toddler magnet. Any girl between the ages of 12 months and 4 years old can not resist Ella. They want to touch her, hold her, hug her, feed her and follow her. Maybe it is her baby doll look - nearly bald, round face, blue eyes - who knows. But, Ella is not amused. She has major personal space issues! Drew, who would be more acceptable of such attention, is usually ignored.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What toys?!

We have lots of toys, too many in fact, but these are the types of things they play with all day - bags of potatoes and corn muffin mix. Go figure!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today is the day!!

Ella decided that today is the day to start walking. She has taken 1 or 2 steps before, but today when she woke up she just started walking across the room. Yeah Ella!!

Ella learning to walk has highlighted the differences between her and Drew even more. I know they are theoretically no different than any brother/sister in genetic terms, but because they are twins I guess I expect more similarities. Drew took months to walk and each stage was clearly defined. First he walked holding our hands, then just one hand, then walking back and forth between 2 people, etc. Ella never liked walking holding our hands and she didn't like trying to go between Mike and I. She literally learned to walk on her own, as if she was practicing secretly in her crib at night. My little independent woman!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Big Happenings...

The end is my climbing the stairs carrying two babies that is! First I will give you a rundown of how things work over here: Each day I dress the babies and pack the bag. Then I strap Ella to my hip with a little carrier contraption and pick Drew up. We walk down 2 flights of stairs and walk around to the back of the building. Then we go down 4 concrete steps to the basement. I load them in the stroller/SUV and lug it back up the steps to the sidewalk. We are off for the day and when we return home we do the whole thing in reverse. It takes a toll on me, especially when they are all bundled in their winter gear, or if I have to buy milk! Now that the guys are steady on their feet, I have been letting them hang in our gated area next to the building while I get the stroller out or put it back in the basement. What a difference - My back is thanking me. Have no fear, I can see them the entire time! So, the last time we did this, Drew walked all the way from the basement to the front door and climbed halfway up the first flight!! Woo Hoo!! So, you see, the end is near! Who needs elevators?!

The second announcement is that the city is redoing a park one block from us. Aside from a little boost to our property value - we will not need the stroller to get there! We only have to cross one street. It will be like having a back yard without having to mow it! I can't wait for it to be done!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

15 Months

15 months

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15 Months already! This month Drew was featured in a full page ad for the Hospital in our city. He looked very cute and the ad is still being circulated in the local papers. Our little celebrity!
We continue to check off the milestones...Yes, Ella is walking, but she only walks a few steps here and there. She is very tentative. Both babies say mama, dada, and uh-oh. Drew also says "Whoa!" when he falls and Ella says "cak, cak" for a duck. They are practicing with forks and spoons and eating out of bowls. They continue to interact more and more everyday. They fight over toys frequently, but they also have nice moments of cuddling and laughing at each other. They both use anything as a phone, putting the object to their ear and saying "ahh" which sounds like "hello." They also can point to their hair, ear, teeth, tongue, heart, belly, knee and toes. Drew also discovered his nose and other people's eyes (Watch out Ella!!).
Ella continues to be a Daddy's girl and she loves to play with Mike. Drew is all mine! Good thing we have one for each of us!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Too Cool!


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Ella found these glasses and has worn them most of the day since! She gets a little air about her when she has them if to say "Darling, can you bring me a glass of ice tea?"

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Trip to Mass

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We took a little trip to Virta Land as my mom was going into the hospital for a "little" procedure. She is doing great, thanks to all for the warm wishes and thoughts.
We had a nice visit and spent an afternoon with the NH cousins - Sid and Luke- at Nantasket Beach. It was a beautiful day. Dad treated us to a little dinner.
One of the best parts of the weekend was Uncle Mark helping with Ella and Drew. He may look like a big scary guy - but what a little teddy bear! Ella blew him kisses all weekend. Can't wait for the next visit.