Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Weekend

Easter 2008

We had a great long weekend in Mass for Easter this past weekend. We went to lunch with Nonnie, shopped, visited with old friends, and had a yummy sushi dinner on Friday. Then on Saturday we played with cousins Sidney and Luke, visited with Nana Vera, and even colored Easter Eggs. Good old 91 yr old Nana was right in there with the kids, dipping eggs and laying down newspaper. Sunday the Sidlauskas side of the family came over for a great dinner and lots of fun. Ella and Drew really enjoyed being at Nonnie and Caca's house. They loved getting Easter baskets with new sunglasses, recorders and art supplies. Although, Ella was a little nervous that the mall Easter Bunny was lurking around after leaving the basket :) We love watching Drew climb into Caca's lap to read books and Ella loved driving the little car Unc bought the kids. The album above is all from Sunday, stay tuned for pics from the rest of the weekend.

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