Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ella No Ba Ba Ba!!

I was the youngest of three and the only girl to boot. I endured endless amounts of teasing. I hated hearing, "Just ignore him!!" Well, my childhood experiences are already lost on Drew - no sympathy from me. Ella tortures him!! She has the innate ability, which I guess every oldest kid does, to tease the daylights out of him. She grabs his toys and runs, she touches him with her feet in the tub, she steals his food, but most of the time she just uses words.
"Drew, cheers?" holding her cup out at the table..."Ella, no cheers!" he responds...then she continues to say "Drew, Cheers?" until he is on the verge of tears. The more he protests, the more she keeps at it.
Other examples from today:
"Drew, horsey?" as she lays on the floor wanting him to sit on her. "Ella, no horsey!!"
"Ba Ba Ba" I think she was singing to herself, but once he started protesting she chased him around the house yelling "Ba Ba BAAAA!"

I try to tell him to ignore her, but he just doesn't get the concept yet. Despite all her teasing and torturing, my sweet little guy never fights back and continues to just love her, as the picture shows.

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