Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A month already?

Wow, how time flies when you are changing 25 diapers a day!! (actual tally from today) Tyler had his 3 month check up today and weighed in at a strong 13 lbs 6 oz. He smiles at any face that looks at him, including Ella's dolls. He is so close to laughing - I can't wait. He is only waking once at night and trying to nap better during the day. I love him to pieces. Drew is still playing music on instruments, household objects, silverware, dolls, sticks, etc. He started to make up some songs. Some of my favorites include: "Tyler eat, Tyler eat, Tyler EEEEAAAATTTT!!" "Mama, Daddy, Mama, Daddy, Mamaaaaaa!" He is also throwing in some dance moves and sometimes a big finish on one knee. Classic. Ella, ahhh my little Ella. She is going through a phase. What else is new? She sticks to me like glue and repeats most of what I say. She also has decided that she will no longer talk to people she doesn't know and some she knows (sorry Uncle G). She lets us know this by screaming "No Hi!" when someone approaches her. This may be followed by 30 sec to 10 min of crying. Im hoping to channel this flair into a successful child acting career. On the upside, she is absolutely enjoying her friends and has become the ringleader. It is so funny to watch her make up silly games in the park and laugh with the girls. She also is behaving so well, listening to directions, helping around the house, and sharing like a champ.


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