Monday, January 10, 2011

5 Months

My baby boy is 5 months old today. To me this month is a turning point from a teeny tiny snugly newborn into a reaching, grabbing, rolling, eating baby.
Colby G. continues to be an edible joy of a boy. No one can resist him. He is smothered with kisses, hugs and baby talk all day.
He likes to roll, chew on anything/everything, and of course he loves his nippy. He is starting to sleep in 4-5 hour stretches and his eyes are glued to our food. Soon my boy, soon.

And his blue eyes and chubby cheeks continue to draw a crowd wherever we you blame them?


Anonymous said...

I miss him... I REALLY REALLY need to hold him... there was no time at Xmas ;( There was a 5 month old at the gym today with the same cheeks and I had to fight the urge to ask to hold him.. Vera didn't though, she followed the mom around saying, "Baby hold me." Luke told the mom we have a baby Colby just like him and Vera chimed, "Baby Colby hold me". MIss you all.. Elle's HAPPY picture is the cutest and loved the look of intesisty of Drew skating--so cute. Love all the pictures of big brother Ty doting on his little b. KIsses to the crew.Love and miss you all very much~ Auntie H

Monkey Business said...

Aww thanks Heid! Although you didn't get a chance on xmas, Vera certainly did!! I love that I can use him to get my time with her :) We can't wait to see you guys again. We are planning a visit in mid-Feb for Nana V's birthday - hope to see you then! xoxo