Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slow and Slow

The pace in our house as been slowing regularly until reaching a near stop this week. Idling somewhere under the snow while nursing aching bellies. Yes, we were hit with a double whammy - snow storm and stomach bug. 

I've baked. I've cleaned closets. I've done mountains of laundry. We have built puzzles, played in shaving cream, painted and watched many movies. I've prepared meals that no one has eaten and set up games no one has played. There has been napping, moaning, and moments of sheer energy that can only be defined as cabin fever. 
It is as if life has finally slowed down to the speed of my brain. After 5 months of nightly wakings - sometimes hourly and if Im lucky a four hour stretch - my mind is at best foggy. Like a hangover without the fun of a party, cramming for finals with no winter break in sight - Im not as quick or as sharp as Id like to be. You may not notice, at least Id hope you wouldn't, but it is evident when I return from shopping to find the car door ajar or when I realize hours later that I only shaved one leg in the shower. 

So, Im embracing this temporary lull in our family's activity. If only my family was well and we had a fire place, it just may be perfect.

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