Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Randomness

 :: We had one of those weekends, which can only be summed up with random notes.

::It was one of those weekends where at the end I wondered if my husband & I had 2 minutes to talk.  I hate that, because all week I look forward to having whole days with him...and then they disappear in a wink.
 ::Drew's eardrum ruptured. It was gross. Really gross. Luckily there is nothing too serious about it and when it ruptures, the pain is relieved. But my heart breaks for these sick kids. Did I mention Tyler has a type of ear infection that causes a blister on the eardrum? Ugh.
:: I had some fun one-on-one time with Ella. We went to a Birthday Party and to Target, then we sat in a restaurant waiting for our take out to be ready. It was awesome. Having little conversations with her and hearing her observations was hands down the best part of my weekend.

::Worst part of my weekend? Giving Ty his antibiotic. Picture Mike holding him down on the floor while I squirt the liquid in. Sobbing. Heart wrenching, "Mommy, PLEASE don't give me my medicine!!" But then he lets me hold him on the couch for 15 minutes and whisper in his ear.

:: 3 kids slept through the night last night - which around here is pretty much bliss.

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