Monday, April 18, 2011

When they fall...

 Life has a way of happening. Sometimes life throws the good at you and you relish in the sunny days, the bigger than expected tax returns, and perfect vacations. The good experiences stack up like dominoes and you delight in the snaking curve of good fortune and marvel at how the good days all line up and balance together to make your life feel just about perfect.

But then out of nowhere, straight out of left field, a strong gust starts them off and your dominoes come tumbling down. The wind is knocked out of your sails and you are left breathless for a moment, dizzy with the sudden realization that life wasn't as perfect as you thought it was.
A year ago today I was in the hospital with Kidney stones. My baby belly just beginning to show and in tremendous pain. It rocked my little world and the dominoes teetered and toppled for the next 5 months. The arrival of my baby was the first domino to go back up again and the line has been growing ever since. One domino at a time curving and bending beautifully.

And then twice in the last month we have received the news that someone in our inner circle has cancer. The first a mom with two little ones diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The second a 20 yr old neighbor with advanced stage Leukemia.  The Dominoes have never fallen so fast. Hearing their voices, listening to their stories, realizing that life can change in one instant - that nothing else matters but the ones you love healthy and happy beside you.

I have no doubt that they will recover and go on to build their line of dominoes, bigger and better than before. In the meantime Ill appreciate every little good thing that comes my way and share whatever good I can with them.

This is Screen Free Week, the kids school vacation week, and we are heading home to Marshfield for a Spring visit. So Ive planned a few pictures to pop up while Im gone, but that's it! I hope to use my screen free time to soak up all the spring flowers, happy smiles, and tight hugs. 

See you next week :)

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