Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Out Take

 Sometimes the out takes are better than the best shots. 

In pictures and in life. 

Like when the ride to the "fun spot" turns out to be more fun because the radio is blasting some crappy Pop song and we are all singing along at the tops of our lungs. Because 5 &3 yr olds singing "DJs got us falling in love again" is always funny. 

This may be one of my favorite out takes of all time. The story goes that after eating their Italian Ice they were so cold they ran to the couch to get warm. Miraculously they didn't fight about sharing the blanket. I ran to get my camera and grabbed up Colby on the way. A 5 minute argument followed deciding who Colby would sit next to. Then the kissing started, quickly followed by tears and pulled hair and hitting. 

I sat back and laughed. Enjoying the not so perfect moment, that was exactly perfect in its own way. 

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