Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Belated} Birthday Boy

I took these pictures while blueberry picking a few days before Colby's 1st Birthday. He was walking all over the fields, bucket in hand like he owned the place. At first, I was carefully breaking the berries in half and feeding him one at a time - because he is a baby and all. 
But, he quickly learned to pick the berries and shove them in his mouth - green, blue, stems, leaves - no matter. 
Before long he figured out it was more efficient to find a big brother or sister and steal a handful from their buckets. 
This is who Colby is. 
He is fiercely independent, determined, and brave. He is a dancing, ball throwing, hair pulling, hugging machine. We all adore him and continue to fight over who gets to hug him first, or make him laugh, or bring him a toy.
As an infant he melted into our hearts with his quick smiles and easy going personality. Now he has us all wrapped around his little fingers and he knows it. 

Happy Birthday Colby! 
You have brought us so much joy and love this year...xoxo


kdk said...

Too cute!

jan walsh said...

look at those wrists! those are the best ! for kissing!!