Monday, June 18, 2012

Action Jackson

 Tyler has two speeds, sleep and 90 MPH. When he is awake he is going, and going and going.

 I love to watch him. His little body is so coordinated and purposeful. He never tires and he is always smiling. We laugh that he is similar to a puppy. Pent up in the house he looks for trouble, bouncing off of walls, furniture and little brothers. But get him outside with a chance to run and he is the happiest boy on the block.

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Nonnie said...

90 MILES AN HOUR . . . and a heart of gold. I watch him. When he is in the mood to love. . . it is 90 miles an hour of love. Ask Auntie Pati!! Ask baby Colby. Ask me. I love this kid . . . 90 miles an hour.