Friday, June 15, 2012

Picture of the Week - Happy Birthday Mike :)

I have a lot of favorite things about this picture. One is their smiles. Mike always looks so happy in pictures, and although Colby is yelling "No!" at me, it looks like a smile!

We are at the beach here, and we all know by now that is my element. I am happiest on the beach always. And the fact that Mike likes it too is perfection.

The Boston Hoodie. He bought it on a whim while we were in Boston at night and he found himself without an extra layer. I was around the block with the kids and when we met back up I couldn't believe my eyes. First, I had never seen him in a hoodie sweatshirt. After 16 years together the surprises are getting few and far between. And it is a BOSTON hoodie. It is hard to describe how I feel about Mike moving to Boston. It makes me sad and ridiculously happy at the same time. I will forever be grateful that he chose this move with me. The sweatshirt somehow summed up all my feelings. Not bad for $20!

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