Friday, September 21, 2012

A few notes...

motley crue

A few snippets...

* I laugh when I remember that we used to describe Drew as quiet. He is always talking, singing, or otherwise being silly. He is a class clown and loves to make people laugh. Funny how kids can change :) 

* Ella is picking up quite the unintentional education at school. We have heard who is "off the hook," who she has a crush on, and how according to her lunch-mate gelatin is made from horses hooves. Also I "just don't understand her!! (cue feet stomp and slamming door)" 

* Colby is just funny. Unlike any of his brothers or his sister, he is a bit wild when away from home. He has pushed on the playground, blows kisses to every adult who looks his way and wanders away constantly. Where did he come from? 

* Tyler T is up to his usual tricks. Do you hear that banging? He is either practicing his slap shots against the garage or slamming the tennis ball! Some things never change :) 

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kdk said...

Ella's classmate is right about gelatin! When I found that out I freaked out. Look up gelatin on wikipedia!