Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Kennedys

 What to do when you don't cross everything off your Summer list? Well, you extend it into the beautiful first days of Fall!
To Martha's Vineyard we went and although the calendar said Fall, it felt like the perfect Summer day trip. The ferry would have been enough for the kids. They entertained our fellow passengers with Pirate Play - "Load the Cannons!!' And it was all I could do to get them out of the bathroom, because the port hole window was "awesome!" Luckily the island didn't disappoint and even if it did, there is always the ferry trip back.
With expectations low, we traipsed around the island in search of ice cream and the penny candy store I remembered from my own childhood memories. We never found penny candy, but even better, we found the Flying Horses Carousel. If you score the Brass Ring, you win a free ride. Drew grabbed it twice in a row!! Needless to say, our expectations were met and then some!
So move over Kennedys, the Dargans may be taking over the Vineyard!

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