Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School 2012

Back to school. I love it and hate it at the same time. I love the new pencils with thick pink erasers, the crisp folders, and cool air that blows in at night. I hate saying goodbye to my kids, watching them struggle with the leaving and exhausted after a long (to them) day. 
Drew woke on the first day a full hour before his normal summer waking time. He was raring to go, wired up, bouncing around with his backpack on with plenty of time to spare. 
Ella spilled tears into her pancakes. She powered through breakfast, dressing and by the time we posed for pictures she was smiling. The tears returned as we pulled up to school, but she went. I lost it. I want nothing more than to protect her and I was exhausted from a morning of keeping us together with songs, dancing, cheers, and pep talks. Im so proud of her. Crossing that line into what is uncomfortable is hard for anyone and she is doing it everyday. 

Tyler went back to Steeple School this morning for Pre-K with Mrs. Pugatch. We all get a giggle when we say her name :) He looks so much bigger than the 3 year olds at school. Ty is quiet heading off to school. He marches in and doesn't say goodbye. He looks so big and so small at the same time. I can't quite figure out why I am so emotional each time I drop him off. 

 And this one? Well, he runs around the house gathering his shoes, sweatshirt and backpack with the rest of them. He always waves goodbye to Ella and Drew happily. But this morning was hard for him. He didn't want Ella to go. Then he walked into the classroom with Tyler and wouldn't leave. Once he realized Tyler was staying he fought as hard as his little body could to get back in the school building. Yelling, "Bobo!! Bobo!!' I know exactly how he feels.

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Nonnie said...

Do you just want to break our hearts? Well. you did. Good job MOM!! It gets easier. Then they go off to college. Think you cried today? Just wait.
Oh! By the way. Happy Birthday little Mom.