Sunday, December 9, 2012

T-Bone at 5

 Tonight I was talking about the day you were born. I told you how you came a week early and surprised us all. How Nonnie was already on the train and Ella and Drew were both still in cribs. You smiled and laughed. Then, "Mom, do you know the rest of the story?"

Ty, I could tell your story for days.
 Your story is about a little guy two years younger, who can certainly keep up. You always have. I have to tell you, though, you give us all a hard time. Your standard answer to most questions is more of a grunt and it takes about 20 requests before you even budge. We are working on it and I see you growing out if it little by little.

But when you are happy? Oh, Ty, it is the best. Your feet never hit the ground and you talk so fast you stutter. Your laugh is contagious and your hugs are so genuine as your little arms squeeze my neck so tight. You love to run, jump and go. You love a good project and will smile as you help. You get nervous at the most surprising times, just often enough to remind me that you are still a little boy.

Your story is about dancing. You dance on the hockey rink, in stores and in the car. You aren't shy or embarassed and your robotic moves are hysterical. I love the way your head bobs to the beat with your hockey helmet on.

Your story is about being a brother. You play the middle position well. Sometimes a nudge to the older and younger, but often so sweet and caring to both.

I can't wait for more of your story Ty, especially since it is one of the best parts of my own. You make me so proud.

I love you, Happy Birthday!


kdk said...

Ty is 5!?!! Wow. Happy Birthday!!

Nonnie said...

Had the best birthday celebration ever!! Ty knows how to P A R T Y!! Started with a concert in the church with Ty singing all his favorite songs for Xmas, then all his friends back home for a "decorating" gingerbread house birthday party, then family time. I am the luckiest Nonnie in the world. Happy 5th birthday buddy. I love you so much.