Wednesday, December 19, 2012

D is 7!

 This was a big year for you buddy! You lost so many teeth, I lost track and there were rumors the Tooth Fairy applied for a loan. You started 1st grade without a hitch and became a reading machine. Hockey has become your most absolute favorite thing to do and we have all loved watching you skate. And you conquered some real fears - heights by climbing the rock wall and sliding down the fire pole - and going under water in the pool. Drew, we couldn't be more proud of you!
 If I had to describe you in just a few words, I could simply say, "Good kid." Actually, more like the best kid. You follow rules and do as you are asked (although sometimes it takes a while you dawdler!). You genuinely care about others and wouldn't hurt a fly. You have the patience of a Saint, especially when it comes to your brothers and sister.

And, just get it. You get that your brothers are smaller and you share, and bend rules, and encourage them. You stay away from the fresh, wild boys at school and avoid trouble. You want to help and go out of your way to make your special people feel special.

There are a million reasons to love you and I appreciate every one. I feel honored to know you and lucky to be your mom. Im so proud of you, pal.

Happy Birthday! Love Mom

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