Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

 (can you guess who is on the naughty list?)

Christmas 2012 - I love how our season starts at Thanksgiving and like a snowball gathers steam and momentum all the way to Christmas. We celebrated our 3 birthdays with 3 different parties and traveled down to NJ for Pop Pops 70th Birthday. There were class parties and tree hunting trips and lots of help wrapping and crafting.
 It was a Christmas with letters to Santa - several drafts! Ella asked for stuffed animals and art supplies and then less than a week before Christmas pulled a list out of her hat (literally!) on Santa's lap. This list had items never mentioned before and sent me on a scramble through the stores...lesson learned! Drew's list had Shoe Horns, sports equipment, and Pokemon books. Tylers list had sports figures, and everything else that Drew had :) Colby wanted a Blue Ball from Santa and he yelled it out loud and proud anytime Santa's name was mentioned.
 It was a Christmas season that found Ella, Drew and Colby sick on the couch one at a time throughout the month. It was heartbreaking to reschedule Birthday parties and cancel holiday activities planned for weeks. On the bright side, we settled into home. We crafted so many gifts and the kids wrapped almost every gift we gave. It opened up conversations about giving and how good it really feels.

Christmas Eve at Uncle Johnny's was the party it always is. The kids were so excited to tip toe over ice to jump into the Hot Tub. Sitting around the big table and looking at all the faces of the people we love was the best. Christmas Day was fun, and busy, and quiet and exactly as it should be.  It was a great Christmas, as it always is.

(and there is more to come...New Jersey, we are coming!!)

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kdk said...

The top picture will be one of Tyler's favorites when he's old enough to realize how hilarious it is!! Love it.