Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tucked In

My heels clicked clacked across the floor tonight when I got home from work. I knew they had long been tucked in and the last good nights had already been said. But I go to them anyway.

I buttoned up Tyler's old man style PJ shirt and pull his favorite spot blanket up to his chin. I move his hockey gloves to the side knowing he will be wearing them to the breakfast table. I straighten Drew out so his long gangly leg is back on the bed. As I pull up the blankets he grinds his teeth making my skin crawl. Then I smile as I take the new bag of socks out of his arms. This kid knows how to protect his stuff!

Up the stairs, I turn off Ella's radio that surely served up bad pop music to lull them to sleep. I push 10 or 20 stuffed animals to the side, smooth her curls away from her face, and tuck her favorite blanket around her little body. And the smallest is last, although these days he looks bigger and bigger in his crib. I remove the books and animals and gently extract a car from under Colby's back. He sighs a sleepy sigh as I touch his cheek and whisper goodnight.

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