Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back at It

As Mike and I were driving this weekend, we happened upon the subject of this here little blog. We both admitted that we sometimes log on and randomly chose a date from the sidebar. It amazes both of us how much we can forget about our own kids. But by just reading a little snip it here and there, we are brought right back to that moment and we remember.

I have a back log of BIG MOMENTS and events that I want to write down and loads of pictures to share. But really, I need to just settle back into the routine of the writing the little things. The cute little quirks and funny little habits that are left behind so much quicker than we ever imagined.

Without further ado...

* Tyler can spell Colby's name, for the sole purpose of teasing him. "C-O-L-B-Y is a stinky baby!!"

* When Ella asks a question she often has a British accent - strange and so funny!

* Drew had us turning the house upside down looking for his homework. Finally we gave up & emailed the teacher that he completed it, but lost it. She responded that he handed it in a day early :)

* Colby can't stop dancing. Especially to Gangham Style. He performs at soccer games, for family and by himself in his crib at bedtime.

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