Monday, January 14, 2013

Mid January?!

There is only one place to go when the temps hit 60 degrees in fact, the car steered its way East all by itself. There is something about rising over the top of the dunes and catching the first glimpse of the Atlantic that gets me every time. I'm guessing my kids get the same feeling because they run like the Dickens up the path and always pause at the peak before launching themselves down into the sand. 
 Rock throwing never gets old. The weight of the rock, the graceful arch, the satisfying plop and splash. They quietly go about their work, often in perfect sync. I watch, but while they are busy and quiet, my mind gets a chance to wander as it tends to do by the shore. Or I busy myself taking too many photos, as I did today. Who am I kidding? Who can have too many photos of kids at the beach?

 I had every intention of following the vets recommendation to keep Gunner on a short leash following his elbow surgery. But who am I to deny such pleasure? Gunner experienced what so many of us can attest to - indulging has its benefits, but too often we suffer for it later! If he could talk tonight (or walk, lol) Im sure he would say it was worth it.
 We finished up down the block at the General Store. No ice cream in January (yes, they just lost a customer) but penny candy collected in a sand pail turned out to be a great ending to our adventure.


Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

the beach in January is an awespme idea! Uncle Dave and I wish we were there! Wrigley would love to run w/Gunner!

great pictures of Colby and Ty! We love you and we love "tuning in" to monkey business! Love and hugs from NJ

kdk said...

Right down the street from me! Hope you guys had fun :) I love Colby's boots!