Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Brothers

Who Me?! 

A story for the books blog....

It was finally the day for Ella's Birthday Party. Postponed a week due to a stinky virus, she could hardly stand the wait. 6 of her best girl friends came over for gingerbread houses, a dance party and some good ol' crafting. Drew and Tyler received several pre-party lectures. They could participate, if they did so nicely. Promises were made. 

The party was going along great - crafts a success and dancing in the dark basement with light sticks to all the worst pop music little girls could only dream about. Next, time for cake and ice cream. The girls were gathered around the table chatting about gymnastics and Santa letters when suddenly a little pig tailed cutie shrieked! 

"I ate dog food!!! AHHHHHH!!" She ran spitting and gagging to the garbage. 

The table erupted! Girls were yelling and running everywhere! "There is dog food on my cupcake too!!" 

Sure enough there was one piece of brown dog food nestled into each of the chocolate frosted cupcakes. 

Guess who was the culprit? 

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Laugh out loud doesn't do this story justice!! Love it! Love that faceTy! Too funny!!!!