Sunday, April 28, 2013


My daughter is tough. Sure she has her sensitive moments and her dramatic moments and her silly times, too. But think twice before you mess with her, she is tough.

She has always loved to climb. She started shimmying up doorways at 4. She has mastered every rock climbing wall in playgrounds from Jersey to MA. But this weekend she outdid even herself. And I stood in awe watching my little peanut of a girl.
She spotted the rock across the field and declared, "Mom, I'm going to climb it." "Go for it!" I scoffed, never imagining it possible. She started up and made it about 5 ft before she started slipping. "Mom, Help!" I helped her down, patted her back and told it her it was just too hard.
"No! I'm going to do it."
Looking back now, I'm embarrassed that I tried to talk her out of it. It took her about 40 minutes. She was sweating, at times crying in frustration and fear- but always pushing herself. "I know I can do this!" she mumbled under her breath. Her nails and soccer clears scraped against the rock and I stood helplessly below her with tears of my own.
The crazy part is that on the other side of the rock there are several other rocks piled into a sort of staircase. So her little brother would occasionally check in on her from the top of the rock. She knew this, but refused to take the easy way.
I told you...she is tough.

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