Monday, March 3, 2014

Are we there yet?

"How many times do you think we have driven to New Jersey, Mom?"

The conversation took off from there about who falls asleep and who doesn't, and "Oh, look! Is that a hawk?!" They move on quick, but I was stuck on how many times we have made the trip between New Jersey and Massachusetts. 50? 100? I met Mike 18 years ago and since the twins were born 8 years ago, the trips really started adding up.

They used to be from NJ to MA to visit family and back home to Jersey. Now it is the reverse. I never would have imagined the always present tug, sometimes a much stronger pull, that sends us back on the road. Of course, I always knew we would make frequent trips, I just didn't know it would feel like this.

And so we drive. We drive so Ella can snuggle into bed with a cousin and her grandma. We drive so we can wave to a little Dargan at home plate. We drive to lace up our skates together and race around a rink. We drive to hit the boardwalk all together and laugh as the kids whip around a ride. We drive to watch Uncles push each other into pools. We drive to sit at Grnadmas table and share a meal.

It really doesn't feel that long when you think about all that is waiting upon your arrival. Im hoping we drive to New Jersey 1,000 more times...maybe even more.