Monday, March 3, 2014

Right Now

Things from the right now that I never want to forget, but probably will....

* Colby sings louder than anyone else in the car. He loves Pharells new song 'Happy.' He is starting to get frustrated when people don't understand him, but making solid progress with his speech all the time. He loves his bed and eagerly asks for lights out - as long as he has a flashlight in hand. Mr. Independent has just started a few classes where he goes in by himself, he happily marches off without a glance back.

* Fights around the house contain the same buzzwords and insults - "you are a baby," and the ever popular "(insert siblings favorite sport) is the worst sport in the world!"

* Ella is all about soccer. She marched into a new clinic last night, clearly nervous. She didn't know a soul in the place and had never seen the drills they practiced. But, she did it and smiled.

* Reading, reading, reading. Ella and Drew read a few books a week and often stay up much, much too late reading. Tyler is fast on their heels, although for some strange T-Bone reason, he doesn't want anyone to know he can read.

* Last week Ella read the Secret Garden and we watched the movie. Now we are half way through Anne of Green Gables. Why this makes me happy, I have no idea, but I love it!

* Drew is still focused on Hockey. He also thouroughly enjoys using his Ipod and playing Xbox. He is most excited when invited to a friends house. His humor has taken on a little sarcastic tone...just another example of him growing up, I suppose.

* Tyler reminds me daily that 6 is an awesome age. Some recent observations and comments that arrive to me in a steady stream from the backseat of the car...."I think the mailman as a list that he checks off when he drops the mail off, because he would get all mixed up if he didn't!' "I think Turkeys walk around near the road because their brains are so tiny" "Big Foot is probably fast like a coyote and that is why it is so hard for people to find him."

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