Monday, March 3, 2014

D-Rew is 8

Dear Drew,
Sometimes I tell you stories about when you were a baby. About how I always had to feed you before Ella because you just couldn't wait. We have a good laugh! Because since that first year, the opposite has been true. You are the most patient of all my kids, and of kids your age in general.  Drew, you are awesome in so many ways.
You are patient with your little brothers, you take kind to the extreme, and I never have to worry about your manners or behavior away from home. You are sensitive and I love it. I can imagine how you will one day be an amazing husband and father.
This past year we have gotten to know you a little bit more and have truly enjoyed watching you come into your own. You love sports and being a part of a team. Hockey is your passion and you always announce that a good day is a skating day. We love to watch you play. You approach hockey as you do other parts of your life - with thought and determination.
You have a witty sense of humor and we all love how the shy smile accompanies the punch line. You can be found playing hockey in the driveway or basement, attached to Captain's hip, or reading in bed. You hate lunch foods, unless it is leftover Chinese, and waffles are your favorite breakfast.
I couldn't ask for a better kid and I don't, Im simply thankful for all that you are.
I love you Buddy Boy!

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