Sunday, May 13, 2007

17 months

17 Months

I have officially decided that this is the last month of counting months. After this they will be 1.5 until they turn 2! I won't allow myself to be one of those people who says their child is 52 months old!
My little babies are turning into little kids. It seems every outfit makes them look bigger and older. They are becoming so independent and get a kick out of running from me. We try to stay in smaller, fenced in parks, but sometimes they just need the freedom to run. They love it. Plenty of skinned knees and face plants don't deter them at all. At the parks they both love the slide, climbing on anything, balls, sidewalk chalk, and pushing their baby strollers. Drew LOVES the swing and anything less than 30 minutes is not tolerated! Ella has refused to sit in the swing since the fall. They do well with other kids, actually they usually seem puzzled by them. They are majorly confused by those we can categorize as "pushers, hitters, toy stealers, and line cutters." So far D&E seem pretty laid back and gentle with other kids.
At home they must each have a big kitchen spoon or whisk available at all times. They also love to play with their balls, Ella's purse, and anything that can be pushed or pulled. They sit and "read" books by themselves as well. Ella is becoming a little possessive of Mike and I, Drew is not welcome to share a lap. But most times they are wrestling each other, kissing, and sharing. They are getting a kick out of making each other laugh, especially by being silly at meal time. Spitting food out usually gets a big laugh. Not from me.
They have entered the "happy helper" stage and enjoy following simple instructions. They throw things in the garbage, put their shoes in their room, and clean up toys. I can't wait until they wash dishes!

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