Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost Triplets...well, not really

I get a lot of "it is just like having twins..." and sometimes it irks me, because in my narcissistic world, nothing is like having twins :) So, I won't say that my experience last week was like having triplets, but it must have been pretty close!
On to the story...I babysat my nephew Luke (Dargan) last week while his family went to Mexico. He turned one the week before. I had it pretty easy, I dropped him off at his daycare each day and my mother-in-law picked him up and brought him back to me. So in essence I was only alone with 3 kids overnight and for a few hours each day - but believe me, that was enough!! Usually I get a few nights a week where no one wakes, not this time! One of the 3 was up every night. Awful. Feeding 3 was nothing like feeding two. Carrying 3 up the stairs to bed was nothing like carrying 2. Getting 3 into the car was nothing like 2. Keeping 3 busy without scratching each other's eyes out, much harder than 2! Im resting up this week and thanking the stars that I have 2. Aside from sleeping issues, Ella and Drew seemed to enjoy the week. They loved being in a big house with plenty of room to run around. We explored a different park and spent some time with Grandma. We also had a fun day with their cousins Riley and Joey. So all in all it was an OK week...but not to be repeated anytime soon!!
ps. the picture is from last year...did you think I had time to take pictures?!

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