Monday, May 7, 2007

Pop Culture and Peer Pressure

I don't love the idea of babies watching TV, so Ella and Drew have seen very little -Baby Einstein once or twice and Sesame St about 3 times- although they only watch for about 30 seconds. So, it was to my great surprise that Drew, after overhearing another boy at the park, began saying "Elmo!" Now he runs around the house saying, "Ellmmmmmo, Elllmmmmmmo!" Ohh, peer pressure. I can see it now...."Why can't I pierce my lip?!! All my friends are doing it!" We are going to have to move to a farm in Idaho.

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Anonymous said...

I finally found my way back to check out Drew and Ella's site...they are absolutely adorable! One question...Lauren how do you find the time???
See you soon,
Aunt Lou