Thursday, May 3, 2007

Warrior, Down Dog, Half Bow, and so much more...

Well Ella and Drew have completed their 6 week series of Little Lotuses Yoga. Yes, you read it right Yoga. Let the yuppie jokes begin. Honestly, I enrolled them because Ella had been going nuts in new situations and I figured a quiet Yoga room might help her out. Needless to say she spent the 1st 3 classes clutching my neck and crying. Drew on the other hand loved the class and took to Yoga immediately. He loved doing the poses, especially "down dog" and "warrior." Actually, Ella learned the poses from Drew at home. By the 4th class, they were both running into the room, playing with the other kids, and participating in the activities. They will perform the poses on cue- in restaurants, birthday parties, the the delight of non-yogis everywhere.

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