Thursday, August 30, 2007

1 to 10

A few wise mothers told me about counting to 10 to help take turns. So, each child gets to use the toy while the other child counts to 10, then it is their turn. Turns out this concept has revolutionized and taken over our lives! We are now counting to 10 almost all the time. We count to 10 for a turn with the tambourine, a book, sitting on my lap, every toy, getting hair brushed, holding a box of macaroni...the list could go on and on. Most of the time Ella and Drew gladly hand over the toy to the other, but sometimes we have to chase the sneaky sibling down for the coveted item. The best part is that the whining, crying, fighting, and grabbing are almost extinct. The worst part is when we play with children who don't count for turns because they don't give up the toy when we joyously reach ten! Ella counts by pulsing her hands and saying "four" over and over. Drew also pumps his hands but he says "one" for every number.

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