Monday, August 6, 2007

Bad Blogger - Needed Updates

Blog entries have been slow for a few reasons - we have been busy and the little gems broke my modem, so I have to rely on pirating someone's wireless in the neighborhood. Luckily we live in an overpopulated area!!
Anyway here are some quick updates on Ella and Drew:

*Ella LOVES the pool. We have spent a few days at Mike's parent's pool over the last few weeks and Ella can't get enough. She is very brave, putting her face in the water and she likes to navigate the steps without any help. Drew is making progress and will stay in the pool as long as he is clutching me as tight as possible!

*Drew spent 20 min the other day emptying Grandma's cabinets and giving all of the tupperware and pots/pans to Pop Pop. We can't figure out why he chose Pop Pop, but I think Grandma was a little insulted - afterall she is the one cooking all the time!

*Ella loves music class and puppet shows. She dances, marches, shakes, etc. She hardly even notices I am there.

*Stroller walks have become a little more difficult. Ella has been scratching and pinching Drew while we walk. Her "punishment" is to wear the shoulder straps or to lay down. This produces lots of protests, which makes the walks less and less enjoyable for everyone. Sometimes she aggrivates him by trying to feed him!

*I think Drew is taking notice of my blosseming belly - when he sits in my lap he spends a few seconds trying to scoot back and pushes into me. He hasn't seemed to notice that his little brother pushes right back!

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