Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pig's Tails and Pigtails

We have had quite a few exciting events recently. We went home to Marshfield to visit with Nonnie, Papa, and Unc. Auntie Heidi, Uncle Matt, Sidney and Luke also came for the weekend. We had a great afternoon at the famous Marshfield fair seeing all the animals and watching Sidney on the rides. All the kids were treated by Papa to ice cream, steak on a stick, fried dough, french fries...whatever they wanted! We saw chickens, cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, etc.
The weather was perfect for a few lazy days by the pool. It was fun to watch Nana Vera chase the kids around the pool and shake her head at Sidney zooming across the yard in the Powerwheels jeep. In true Virta style there were feasts everyday starting with munchkin donuts, and then lobster, steaks, shrimp, and sundaes. Yum. Mike and I certainly enjoyed the relaxation and good food!
Ella sported her first pair of pigtails to the park this week. It is a battle, let me tell you. I have flashbacks from my own childhood and my mother yanking on my hair, but she just looks so cute!! Aside from listening to her shriek and then repeat "out! out! out!" for 20 minutes, I struggle with how to explain to poor Drew that he can't have pigtails!

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