Thursday, August 30, 2007

She's Crazy

This picture captures Ella's personality and hair - wild!

ps. click on it to appreciate it full size!!

Pig's Tails and Pigtails

We have had quite a few exciting events recently. We went home to Marshfield to visit with Nonnie, Papa, and Unc. Auntie Heidi, Uncle Matt, Sidney and Luke also came for the weekend. We had a great afternoon at the famous Marshfield fair seeing all the animals and watching Sidney on the rides. All the kids were treated by Papa to ice cream, steak on a stick, fried dough, french fries...whatever they wanted! We saw chickens, cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, etc.
The weather was perfect for a few lazy days by the pool. It was fun to watch Nana Vera chase the kids around the pool and shake her head at Sidney zooming across the yard in the Powerwheels jeep. In true Virta style there were feasts everyday starting with munchkin donuts, and then lobster, steaks, shrimp, and sundaes. Yum. Mike and I certainly enjoyed the relaxation and good food!
Ella sported her first pair of pigtails to the park this week. It is a battle, let me tell you. I have flashbacks from my own childhood and my mother yanking on my hair, but she just looks so cute!! Aside from listening to her shriek and then repeat "out! out! out!" for 20 minutes, I struggle with how to explain to poor Drew that he can't have pigtails!

1 to 10

A few wise mothers told me about counting to 10 to help take turns. So, each child gets to use the toy while the other child counts to 10, then it is their turn. Turns out this concept has revolutionized and taken over our lives! We are now counting to 10 almost all the time. We count to 10 for a turn with the tambourine, a book, sitting on my lap, every toy, getting hair brushed, holding a box of macaroni...the list could go on and on. Most of the time Ella and Drew gladly hand over the toy to the other, but sometimes we have to chase the sneaky sibling down for the coveted item. The best part is that the whining, crying, fighting, and grabbing are almost extinct. The worst part is when we play with children who don't count for turns because they don't give up the toy when we joyously reach ten! Ella counts by pulsing her hands and saying "four" over and over. Drew also pumps his hands but he says "one" for every number.

What we are saying now....

Drew, where do you live?

Ella sings "money, money, moneeeeyyy!"

Other words include help, key, flower, please (teas), stop sign, coffee (hoffee), hop, etc.

Ella and Drew have also been increasing their tv time, specifically by watching "Jack's Big Music Show" a few times a week. Their love for Jack is evident as they ask for him upon waking, while walking through town, and they call him when holding a phone.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Ella and Drew have been weary of strangers since birth. When I say strangers I am referring to anyone other than Mike or I who comes within 2 feet or speaks directly to them- never mind people who try to touch them!! But I think the tide has turned. It started with a new attitude toward family members that has made gatherings 10 times easier. Now we see this new easy going style applying to all sorts of people. Ella plays peek-a-boo at the park with random parents and she harasses people sitting anywhere near us at a restaurant. Drew likes to charm older women who stop us on the street to gawk at "twins, oh my god!!" Their friendliness has hit an all time high as we have had several "workers" in our home over the past 2 weeks. Not only do they not cry, but they follow on the heels of the men observing projects, tools, and repeatedly saying "hi!" Just this morning as I was pointing out the leak in our ceiling Ella stood next to me and pointed up, gibber jabbering away. At one point she kept getting louder and louder, as if to say "I've got this one, Mom." Drew just continued to offer his pretzel to the man until I finally took it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What's your name?

Me to Ella: What's your name?
Ella: Ella!!

Me to Drew: What's your name?
Drew: Ella!!

So excited and all smiles!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome Cousin Owen!

Our newest Dargan cousin, Owen Christopher, arrived yesterday afternoon. Mike's brother Joey and his wife Michelle are doing great and reported a VERY speedy labor. The Dargan clan is growing like wildfire. The tally so far:
Gerard and Maria: McKenzie (3) and Luke (1)
Joey and Michelle: Riley (3), Little Joey (1) and Owen
and then Ella and Drew. Baby boy in my belly will make number 8! Family get togethers are fun, if not hectic and crazy loud!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bad Blogger - Needed Updates

Blog entries have been slow for a few reasons - we have been busy and the little gems broke my modem, so I have to rely on pirating someone's wireless in the neighborhood. Luckily we live in an overpopulated area!!
Anyway here are some quick updates on Ella and Drew:

*Ella LOVES the pool. We have spent a few days at Mike's parent's pool over the last few weeks and Ella can't get enough. She is very brave, putting her face in the water and she likes to navigate the steps without any help. Drew is making progress and will stay in the pool as long as he is clutching me as tight as possible!

*Drew spent 20 min the other day emptying Grandma's cabinets and giving all of the tupperware and pots/pans to Pop Pop. We can't figure out why he chose Pop Pop, but I think Grandma was a little insulted - afterall she is the one cooking all the time!

*Ella loves music class and puppet shows. She dances, marches, shakes, etc. She hardly even notices I am there.

*Stroller walks have become a little more difficult. Ella has been scratching and pinching Drew while we walk. Her "punishment" is to wear the shoulder straps or to lay down. This produces lots of protests, which makes the walks less and less enjoyable for everyone. Sometimes she aggrivates him by trying to feed him!

*I think Drew is taking notice of my blosseming belly - when he sits in my lap he spends a few seconds trying to scoot back and pushes into me. He hasn't seemed to notice that his little brother pushes right back!

Friday, August 3, 2007

It's a....

BOY!! I know, I know, I said we weren't going to find out. We totally caved, just couldn't resist. We saw the little bugger kicking away, waving, and opening and closing his mouth this week at a routine ultrasound. Seeing him, counting his fingers and toes - it all made this pregnancy so real. Now that I know what it feels like to fall in love with a baby, I just can't wait to meet him! Although, now that I know about the sleepless nights and all the other not so fun stuff, Im glad we have some time!