Monday, June 2, 2008

City Life We Know

Suburban life...well we have a lot to learn. Yesterday evening we went to see the "New House." This was Ella and Drew's first time there. They had a blast running from room to room and we talked about where things might go. They especially loved the doorbell. Then after touring the house we had a picnic on the back deck. Drew immediately spotted the swing set next door: "Drew go fark, mommy?" I told him it wasn't a park, but it belonged to a little boy or girl and we needed to ask permission to play. He scans the backyard of the other neighbor: "Drew go that fark, mommy?" Same explanation. We repeated that conversation about 15 times with me trying to explain the difference between a public park and a backyard. Ella was preoccupied with birds chirping and people talking in the next yard. Every 5 minutes she asked, "Whose talking, Mommy?" or "What's that noise, Mommy?"
We returned to Hobo and while looking for a parking spot Mike and I overheard this conversation from the backseat...
Drew: "Want to go home, Ella?"
Ella: "No, Drew, We have to park the car!"

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