Monday, June 30, 2008

Third times a charm!

Their first summer Drew loved the water and hated the sand and of course Ella loved the sand and hated the water. Second summer they switched - Drew in the sand no water and Ella loving the water. Finally this being their third summer they are both loving all aspects of beach going. We can't wait to join the Virta family at Lake Winnie!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren... I just wanted to tell you that I Love your blog so much. I felt like a missed so much this summer because of school and as soon as I read all of your thoughts and saw all of the pics- I then felt 'in the loop.' It's so great to see Ella, Drew & Tyler in their eeryday excursions. I think its great that you keep up posted. Dave and I were laughing hysterically at some of you commentary. You're a great MOM! I admire all that you do with my nieces and nephews. I'm happy your my sister-in-law. My brother lucked out! I Love You and your an ALL STAR MOMMA!! -- Melissa