Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ella and Drew Radio Show

We always heard them talking, but we could never quite make out the words. Sometimes Mike or I would press our ears against their bedroom door to catch a few words of their private nighttime conversations. Now in the new house, we have a baby monitor to catch every word, broad casted through our living room like a nightly radio show. We have never been so entertained. Maybe it is because we don't have a tv yet, or maybe it is because we are so totally in love with our kids that we think every word is hysterical.
Ella seems to initiate the conversations and I imagine Drew sprawled out on his belly, pacifier in mouth and one in each hand, wondering if she will ever go to sleep.
"Drew, you hear me?"
"Want to go to the park?"
Sometimes they talk about what they like to do or what they did that day. Most nights they sing a little, you might hear the ABCs or a made-up song like "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" or "Ba, Ba, Ba." One night we enjoyed this exchange:
"Oh, look at this! I have a boogy, Drew!"
"Ok Ella."
"It is a white one. Do you have a boogy Drew?"
"Oh, yes."
"Ok. Where is it Drew?"
"It's in my nose."
They will talk for up to an hour. They get slower and you might think they are asleep, but the radio show usually sounds off with:
"You hear me Drew? You HEAR me Drew? Whatcha doin Drew? You sleeping? Oh, Ok." If she is still looking for company a shrill "Blanket ON!!" will blast through the monitor paging Mike to go in one last time to fix her blanket with a great big hug.

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