Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where have you been?

We have been acting like true suburbians (I invented that word) and we have been using the car a lot this week. Yesterday we traveled to a suburban town to purchase some outdoor toys - trikes, scooters, playhouse - from a little girl who has outgrown them. She is raising money to buy an IPOD. Is it possible that you go directly from riding a tricycle to using an IPOD? I tried to hide my shock. Anyway, then we stopped into Van Saun Park. It is an awesome park that has big playgrounds, lots of grass and shady wooded areas as well as a carousel, pony rides, and a little zoo. Everything there is $1, you can't beat it! Ella and Drew love the train ride at the zoo, so that was our purpose. I love when they wave to the people as we pass. Next we visited the new house to try out the bikes and look around some more. I hope they are getting the idea that we will be living there. Finally, we went to pick out "Big Kid Beds." Woo Hoo! I only bring Tyler's little stroller these days so Ella and Drew walk everywhere. Most of the time they are such great listeners and stay with me, like at the park and zoo. But sometimes they just go wild, like at the bed store. Good Lord. They were climbing all over the beds, opening drawers, climbing ladders, chasing each other, playing hide and seek, and Ella's favorite - ripping the price tags off everything. All the while I am trying to calmly talk to the salesman and look at beds. I was shooting my best "stop it now" looks, but it was no use. What can I expect for 2-yr-olds on a day of errands?

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