Friday, August 8, 2008

The BIG Apple

"Look Mommy, a taxi!"
"Oh, another one!"
This went on for the entire drive through NYC yesterday. We went into the big city for a fun packed day. First we saw our old music teacher, Adam, perform with his kids Jazz Trio. E&D were thrilled to see their old teacher, but they were much more excited to see a saxophone. Next we went into Mike's work for our yearly visit. They were paraded around giving high-fives and saying "nice to meet you." It was fun to put faces to all of the names we hear about. We had a picnic in the park and then it was off to the art gallery to see Aunt Melissa's paintings. E&D loved the gallery and were more interested in the art then I would have imagined. They enjoyed pointing out colors and describing the pictures.
Although once a resident, I felt very much the tourist yesterday. Tough to maneuver the kids on the busy sidewalk and I am WAY out of the fashion loop! But my little city kids weren't fazed at all, walking around like they own the place and checking everyone out.

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