Monday, August 4, 2008

My Little Guy

Just Tyler

Ella and Drew have detailed monthly updates documenting their first year...oops, sorry Tyler! He is getting so big. He started sitting up a month or so ago and he is now working on diving onto his belly to reach a toy. If he is sitting close enough to someone he can pull up on them. He sometimes plays peek-a-boo and often looks like he is clapping. One of his favorite things is bath time with his big brother and sister - he even laughs when Ella dumps water on his head! He is eating everything from baby food to corn muffins and loving every bite. We get a kick out of him drinking from the big kid cups. He smiles at everyone, but sometimes he pulls the shy act and dives his head into my shoulder. We hear lots of "talking" including Dada. He has so many cute smiles and his eyebrows are so expressive! He is a sweet, happy, lovable guy!

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