Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Im a Big Kid!!

"No more diapers!!!" And so the day began...how it ended was a totally different story. We are going cold turkey...nudey bums, underwear, and no leaving the house for 3 days. Many moms swear by it...Im just left swearing. This was one of the toughest, grossest, most trying days ever. Im determined not to go back to diapers or waste our money on pull-ups, so stay tuned to see if it gets better!

Picture this scene: One tiny bathroom. Tyler on the floor crying and trying to climb into the tub. Drew on the big potty saying he has to pee, but wanting to hold my hand because he is afraid he will fall in. Ella standing in the tub getting hosed off. Oh yeah and smoke slowly making it's way upstairs because dinner is burning.

Funniest moment: If you ask Drew where he peed after an accident he responds, "In my Beche" our word for the "you know what!"

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