Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I like about you...

Ella-Bell: My little spitfire, spunky, crazy girl. You are sometimes wound up as tight as those little blond curls. I love the sparkle in your eyes, your budding sense of humor and that crazy voice. You keep me laughing and always on my toes. I love your curiosity and the way you cock your head when asking a question. I love your determination when trying new things. I love the way you love your brothers, daddy and me - with that wild craziness that is you!

Drew: My loving, sweet, thoughtful boy. There is so much going on behind those captivating blue eyes. I love the way you check out new things with a quiet brave approach. I love the way you surprise me and do the opposite of what I expect - "you stay here mommy!" when going on your first fair ride. I love the way you love Ella, so obviously unconditional even when she is torturing you. I love the way you sing and bask in the attention of daddy. I am in awe of the way you adhere to the rules and naturally want to do the right thing. You are an amazing little guy.

Tyler: My little guy. I love the way you dive into my shoulder while smiling at someone new. I love the expression of awe, wonder, and love on your face as you watch your "big kids." I can't get enough of the quick magical smile when you see me enter a room. I can already see your tough determination and can only imagine how that little personality will develop.

All three of you amaze me in so many ways. I never imagined that my kids could be so different. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me...

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