Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Like Father, Like....

Mike grew up going to the Jersey Shore, well before Snooki and the MTV crew invaded. Most beaches have showers at the entrances (I know my MA peeps, it is hard to imagine). Mike's family loves to laugh when they reminisce about Mike at the beach. He would have a blast in the water and then sprint to the showers, where he would remain until he was ready to go in the surf again. Why? He hates sand. Hates it. From a very young age, as if he was born to hate sand. Even now, he barely tolerates it.

Drew is like is Dad in so many ways. Creepy, "wow, nature is stronger than nurture" ways. But, there are reminders here and there that Drew is his own man.

On an uncharacteristically warm day in April, my brood and I escaped to the beach. The first thing Drew did was lay, roll, and laugh in the sand.

Yes, he is his own little man.

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