Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sun will come out...

Im feeling better today. I think I hit a bit of a low yesterday afternoon, and it was just what I needed to say "enough is enough" and move on.

Move on from feeling sorry and frustrated and disappointed about this stinking kidney stent. So, Im uncomfortable. So, what? Baby is fine, Im fine, my family is awesome. Im lucky.

All this down time has been fun in a way. My kids have played with their own toys more in the past 2 weeks than the whole year. We have snuggled on the couch together more, without me jumping up to do something around the house. Sure we have watched tv, but we have done it together and had long conversations about what we watched.

I've also learned that I can't do it all. That accepting help isn't so bad. That I need to listen to my body and respect it. Ill need to take it easy for the next few months, but Im feeling confident now, today, that if I do, Ill be ok. The pain won't be so bad and Ill be able to act like myself.

Sometimes a day is all you need to see the big picture a little differently.

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