Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Month

 10 Months always feels like the beginning of the end for me. The end of being a baby. They eat more regular foods and cut down on nursing. They start moving all over the house, causing commotion and destruction. 

Colby G is 10 months tomorrow. He loves to eat - and has already learned that when Mom goes into the pantry, food will be coming out. He is turning into a noisy guy and the kids love when they talk/yell at him and he mimics them back. He gives the cutest, biggest, wettest kisses complete with a "MMMMUUUWWAHHH!" 

And yes, he thinks he can walk...almost Colby, just give me another week or so of baby. 

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Nonnie said...

Feel like I could just grab those little chubby legs and tickle him all over. . . but I can't. HURRY HOME!! I just can't wait. Love that little guy. I just can't wait. Love you too . . Hurry home.