Monday, June 20, 2011

Troubles Melt

It was one of those days. 
We needed an oil change and that was only the beginning of a list of errands that needed to be done. 
Not fun errands either. 
But the bonus (read:bribe) at the end of the list was a long bike ride at the park. 
The beginning of the ride was great, but the end looked like this. 

So to top off a boring, frustrating day we were rained out of our bike ride and left wet & soggy. 
I had prepared to grill that night. 
Aggh, it wasn't getting better. 
We drove through rainy traffic to Ikea. Surely a parking garage and some Swedish meatballs could cure this bad day! 
Strike three. 
Ikea was having some lame Summer celebration that required advance reservations. 
The baby was fussing, the traffic was building. I was retreating home with hungry, whiny kids. 
Suddenly Tyler spotted the rainbow. 
The conversation turned to the wonders of nature. 
And my troubles melted as I saw the world through their eyes and learned another lesson on perspective. 
Because to them the day was all about adventure, fun, and wonder...

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jan walsh said...

what a nice ending to a rainy day that cancelled activities! there's nothing like MOTHER NATURE to save the day!!!! on RIley's last check up at childrens last october the biggest brightest rainbow followed us home down Route 3 towards home!!
noni took lots of pictures out the window as well!!!! love jan