Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is Here!!!

Happy First Day of Summer!! This is perhaps the best day of the year and a great excuse to have a celebratory ice cream cone. Also a great day to make a list of "Summer Must Do's" so here is ours::
 Beach, Beach, Beach::Pool, Pool, Pool:: Farmers Markets:: Fairs:: Amusement Park:: Ice Cream Truck:: S'mores:: Bonfire:: Fireworks:: Circus:: Pony Rides:: Fresh Corn, Fresh Berries, Fresh Tomatoes:: Playing with the water hose:: Water Guns & Water Balloons:: Bike Rides:: Boat Rides:: Backyard Camp Out:: Hike:: Zoo:: Fishing::Catch Fireflies ::Rainy Day Movie:: Mini Golf:: Pick our Own Berries
Im excited! Im a little amazed at how many of our Summer List adventures we have already done, but Im open for repeats! 
I LOVE Summer!! 

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