Monday, June 13, 2011

Picture This

I didn't have my camera this was actually a little nice. Instead of rushing and fumbling for the camera and missing 1/2 of "the moments," I enjoyed the moments. I lived the moments. It just makes sharing with YOU a little is what the captions would say...

*Ella looking up to her big cousin McKenzie in line at the Science Center. 

*Making & eating Smores....all 5 cousins - messy! 

*Justin Beiber dance party with glow sticks :) 

*All tucked in, a cousin sleepover

*The circus!! A camel ride, snow cones, cotton candy

* Mike's birthday dinner at a favorite Cheeseburger place 

*Colby taking a few unassisted steps!!! 

I loved all the moments from the weekend....but Ill be back to taking pictures this week! 

1 comment:

kdk said...

You're depriving us a Justin Bieber glow stick party picture?!