Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colby- You are 2!!

Colby G,
One day you will ask me what you were like when you were 2 and this is what I will tell you....

You are the most loveable little bugger around. Kisses and hugs for everyone. You kiss with one hand on each of the recipients cheeks and plant one full on the mouth (a little Grandpa Sid coming through?).  When you hug you wrap your hands around a neck, leg, or whatever you can reach and squeeze with all your might. It is the best.

You are an eating machine. You'll have whatever they are having and then a plate of your own. You wield a fork like a prince and wipe your mouth dramatically with a napkin.

You say more and more words everyday, but somehow seem to get most points across with our names and a point. "Mama! Mama! Maaammmmaaa!" You act out stories and make up your own signs (butter is our favorite).

You certainly are too big for your own britches - mainly from following your big brothers and sister around. You play every sport - kicking soccer balls, shooting hockey bucks, and swinging the bat. You jump into the pool, love to sit on bikes, and will sit at the table drawing for an hour.

You know how to get attention and draw a crowd everywhere we go. Your feisty spirit makes us laugh. Your excitement and happiness is contagious.

You are loved and we are lucky.

Happy Birthday to my Baby!

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Shauna said...

Happy Birthday, Colby!!!